Английский язык. 11 класс. Учебник. Spotlight (Английский в фокусе). Афанасьева О.В., Дули Дж., Михеева И.В. и др.

Английский язык. 11 класс. Учебник. Spotlight (Английский в фокусе). Афанасьева О.В., Дули Дж., Михеева И.В. и др.  

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Module 1 - Relationships (pp. 9-26)
1a Reading Skills pp.10-11
1b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp. 12-13
1c Grammar in Use pp.14-15
1d Literature pp.16-17
1e Writing Skills pp.18-20
Module 2 - Where there's a will there's a way (pp. 27-44)
2a Reading Skills pp.28-29
2b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp. 30-31
2c Grammar in Use pp. 32-33
2d Literature pp.34-35
2e Writing Skills pp.36-38
Module 3 — Responsibility (pp. 45-62)
3a Reading Skills pp. 46-47
3b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp.48-49
3c Grammar in Use pp. 50-51
3d Literature pp.52-53
3e Writing Skills pp.54-56
Module 4 - Danger! (pp. 63-82)
4a Reading Skills pp.64-65
4b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp.66-67
4c Grammar in Use pp. 68-69
4d Literature pp.70-71
4e Writing Skills pp.72-76
Module 5 - Who are you? (pp. 83-100)
5a Reading Skills pp.84-85
5b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp. 86-87
5c GrammarinUse pp.88-89
5d Literature pp.90-91
5e Writing Skills pp.92-94
Module 6 - Communication (pp. 101-118)
6a Reading Skills pp.102-103
6b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp. 104-105
6c GrammarinUse pp.106-107
6d Literature pp.108-109
6e Writing Skills pp.110-112
Module 7 - In days to come (pp. 119-136)
7a Reading Skills pp.120-121
7b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp.122-123
7c GrammarinUse pp.124-125
7d Literature pp.126-127
7e Writing Skills pp. 128-130
Module 8 - Travel (pp. 137-154)
8a Reading Skills pp.138-139
8b Listening & Speaking Skills ... pp. 140-141
8c GrammarinUse pp.142-143
8d Literature pp.144-145
8e Writing Skills pp.146-148
Word Perfect & Grammar Check .... pp.155-179
Spotlight on Russia pp.1-10
Song Sheets pp.SS1-SS4
Grammar Reference Section pp.GR1-GR20
Irregular Verbs p. GR21
Study Skills p. S1
Word List pp.WL1-WL29

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